Decentralized social and IM platform

About ----- Movim is a social and chat platform that act as a web frontend for the XMPP protocol. ![movim screenshot]( Installation ------------ Please refer to the installation instructions that are available on the GitHub Wiki: Movim is also available as a [Docker image]( Security report --------------- See ``. Support Us ---------- You can help Movim by: * Doing a one time donation using Paypal: [![Donate](]( * Helping us covering our monthly costs on our official Patreon page: [![Donate](]( * …or on Liberapay [![Donate](]( You can also support us on: * Flattr: * Bountysource: Links ----- * Movim official website: * Twitter: * XMPP Chatroom: ### Pods You can also use Movim on our official Pods: * server hosted in Germany Translations ------------ Help us translate Movim on License ------- Movim is released under the terms of the AGPLv3 license. See `COPYING` for more details.